How does Tendria work?

Your organization, your needs and your procurement are not the same as those of other companies. Tendria starts every process with a quick scan: an intake to determine your current spend and supply base, the starting point to target the categories to achieve savings. Easily benchmark your expenses!

With the outcome of this scan, we can determine which existing volume contracts you can immediately implement to achieve quick wins.

In addition, there may be categories specific to your business. We can take these to the market in a tailored solution, keeping in mind the potential of other customers in the collective. This will result in greatly improved conditions and of course with the same or improved service from the supplier.

Tendria monitors supplier performance by taking on contract-and supplier management tasks. Together we maximize the utilization of the contracts.

Finally, Tendria connects customers by various means. Examples of this are events about a specific, relevant topic and periodic meetings of discipline experts of different companies.


Every investment is unique. Tendria will first discuss the technical requirements with the customer’s engineers. Determining the most important (technical) principles and aligning the customer’s priorities so that a targeted search for suppliers can be made. In consultation with the customer, discussions will take place with suppliers and ultimately a preference will be proposed.

Negotiation and contracting are of course part of the work, as well as monitoring the implementation and transfer to the customer.

Elements of our approach

Just as every customer and every organisation is unique, so is every purchasing project. In general, we identify the following 4 elements in our approach but the content and application can differ.

Quick scan

Gain insight in and understanding of your indirect costs...

Insight in your indirect spend

… and determine on which categories you can save the most


Participate in one of the many existing framework contracts we offer...

Highly improved contracts

… resulting in significantly improved conditions and much lower costs


Ensure supplier compliance with contract terms & conditions...

Sharp contract management

… for smooth implementation and accurate execution of the contract


Join our peer2peer network, events and deep-dive sessions...

Sharing of knowledge & experience

… and learn about different topics, approaches & opportunities

By learning from each other, each participant can improve his own purchasing organisation more quickly. Together we are wiser!